Generation Typo - About Us

What is Generation Typo?


Generation Typo is a fashion brand focused on creating dialog between generations, and recognizing those who are willing to share those conversations. We will be fearlessly challenging the difference of opinions and values between different generations. Providing apparel and items that spark these conversations, and building a community that allows everyone to have a voice.

Established as an apparel brand and symbol to showcase the acceptance of generational differences. From the Baby Boomer Generation to our newest Gen Z’s, the previous generation often believes that the next is doing “it” wrong. Our Branding includes a red underline that we have all been conditioned to associate this line with an error or “typo”. We utilize this throughout our brand to highlight those projected typos or opinions.

We are not afraid to shine light on these differences, and as we grow we want to provide platforms for those who are willing, to share their truths. We believe in order for the world to progressively grow, and remove the negativity around being different we must start with simply talking about it.

Many of us have been impacted and or traumatized by these differences; Racism, Ageism, Homophobia, Sexism, Religion, and much more. It is time we take the power back and really work to understand everyone and anyone.

Let’s Talk About It.